Trinity Trails
3rd Sunday of each month

Worshiping God in the beauty of the outdoors!

Jesus rarely preached inside.  He was outside in nature, amongst the people.  When he needed solace, he prayed outside in a garden.  Our sacraments use earthy elements.  We are called to be outside in God’s creation.

We are taking our church service outside!  We will be hiking the Metro Parks hiking trails on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 11:30am.  The hikes are kept to 2 miles or less with easy to moderate terrain.  The walks will be in the surrounding Metro Parks and can be used to fulfill the Fall and Spring Metro Parks Hiking Sprees.  You will be given a passport that will be stamped each time you hike  The passport will include dates, directions and a brief description of each hike.

Come join us for fellowship, exercise and worship in the woods.

View our Event Calendar for locations.

Matthew * Mark * Luke
& beers with John
1st Thursday of each month

People have been gathering in pubs and public spaces for ages, talking about life, faith, deep questions of meaning, and not so deep details of their day.  Increasingly people all over are rediscovering pubs and breweries as safe, open spaces where they can be themselves – complete with doubts and concerns.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and (beers with) John is a place to connect and to engage.

In our increasingly fractured culture, places where people from different backgrounds and ages can come together and share something local is unifying and empowering.  In this case, what we are gathering around just happens to be beer!

This a a good time to beer together.

At St. Stephen we believe in people.  We believe in giftedness and in our place in God’s creation.  We like grain and hops and meals together.  And we have hope that gathering around these makes us better, more complete people.

View our Event Calendar for locations.